French Polynesia, Tahiti.

These pearls, grown almost exclusively in the island of Tahiti, are naturally dark colored, with a multitude of secondary colors ranging from red to green. Belle sources its Black South Sea pearls from the remote island of Rikitea.

The naturally colorful tones of the Black South Sea pearl has always had home in the islands of Tahiti . The light pastels colors seem to reflect the verdant nature of the islands, while dark yet luminous pearl tones seem to mirror the legendary starry lit skies of Tahiti.

In these remote marine habitats, wild oysters thrive and nowhere better than the island of Rikitea- famed for its intensely lustrous pearls.

Here deep in heart of the Pacific Ocean, the knowledge of pearling supports has connected entire communities and become a way of life, a spiritual symbol of Tahiti and her islands.