Founded in the pearl city of Kobe, Japan, Belpearl is a world renown specialist in pearls, with a in-depth understanding for one of natures most iconic of gemstones.

Our approach is rooted in our history of nurturing exclusive relationships with pearl at their origins, working directly with pearl farmers to source pearls of the finest quality possible.

The Belpearl Collection was designed to evoke the spirit of iconic, timeless, pearl jewelry, and to present the gift of the pearl to those that love them the most. 

Belle by Belpearl Producers

Japanese Akoya Pearl


Ise, Mie Prefecture, Japan

The heart and home of pearls, Japan produces the worlds finest Akoya pearls. For over a hundred years, pearl farming has been practiced in the sheltered inland seas across Japan. Universally recognized for their small pearls of exceptional roundess, bright white color and intense luster, Japanese Akoya pearls are the countries most famous gemmological resource. Belle works with Akoya pearl farmers in Ise and Ehime provinces.

Black South Sea Pearl


Rikitea, Mangareva Atoll, Tahiti

The legendary island of Tahiti in french polynesia is known world round for producing the black south sea pearl, or Tahititan pearl. Instantly recognizeable for its natural dark colors, Black South Sea pearls are not actually only black, they can posses secondary color tones ranging from green, blue, purple and red. Belle directly sources its Black South Sea pearls from small scale family farms, primarily from the island of Rikitea, in the Gambier Atoll.


Golden South Sea Pearl


Palawan Seas Phillipines & Andaman Sea

True Gold. Naturally gold pearls are rare, and the finest sources are considered to come from the seas around both countries of Phillipines and Myanmar. Derived from the Gold Lipped oysters from the Pinctada Maxima species, pearl farming takes place either in the proteced palawan seas, or in the remote and brackish waters of the myanmar's andman sea.


White South Sea Pearl


Tual, Eastern Indonesia

Indonesia is a pearl lovers dream. Its warm sea waters provide the ideal marine conditions for growing South Sea pearls with a deep, lustrous glow. Belle sources its South Sea pearls directly from small family owned pearl oyster farms in and around the Maluku regency in eastern Indonesia. In those waters, pearl farmers specialize in growing the White Lipped Pinctada maxima oyster, which produces pearls that can range from white to creamy yellow in color. 

Freshwater pearls


Zhejian Province China & Japan, Kasumiga-ura

The heart and home of freshwater pearls, China is regarded for its abunance of freshwater mussels that are able to produce pearls in a countless variety of shapes sizes and colors. Pearl farming is primarily focused in lakes across Zhejiang provinces, with trading taking place in the pearl city of Zhuji.